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The Dungeon

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The Dungeon - Page 2 Empty the doors

Post  tanabright on 2008-07-28, 10:36 am

Saeran watches the others a little amused as first the elf then the halfling try to pull open the doors without success. When Regdar also fails at pulling open the doors the dwarf steps forward and says, "how about we try pushing instead?"

Saeran positions himself to the right of Regdar holding the door handle with his left hand, pressing his right hand against the door itself and bracing his feet on the ground ready to give the wood a good shove. "Ready? On three... One. Two. Three!" Saeran pushes against the door hoping that the strength of the two men together will get it open.

The heavy wooden doors buckle under their combined weight, but still do not open.

(DM's Notes: It seems like you guys are having a little trouble trying to figure out how to open these doors. Here are a few suggestions:

A) Listen at the Door
B) Picking the Lock (only for Lidda)
C) Kicking the Door Down

If Saeran and Regdar are trying to open the door through brute force then they could pick the third option. I'd recommend reviewing your character sheets any time you come across an obstacle like this, whether or not you are in combat, to see what your character is capable of doing in that situation.)


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The Dungeon - Page 2 Empty I thought I posted a response but it must have been a dream...

Post  KSypher on 2008-07-30, 9:46 am

((OOC: Hey, I don't need you're help! I'm not out of ideas, I was going to try lockpicking next, I just like to work my way into things. Lidda is a little slow sometimes, she needs to think before she comes up with new ideas... But fine, no character development required, I guess.... ^.~))

Ainra stood back from the others, and held out her hands in a silent offer to hold the torches of the others so that they could work. She was trying to be as least-useless as possible, but she didn't think a Magic Missle would help the situation.

Lidda stood back, and began rummaging through her pack once again. She soon made an 'ah-ha!' noise as she withdrew something shining and rattling from her possesions- Lock picks! If the brutes couldn't open it, she'd scoot them aside and do it herself.


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The Dungeon - Page 2 Empty Hmmm....

Post  tanabright on 2008-09-06, 9:59 am

Saeran looked moved back from the door and shook his head. Well brute force didn't work that well... maybe a second try would work? He glanced at Redgar and started to suggest another go at the door, but then he heard a slight jingle and a small 'ah-ha' so he turned to look at the females.

"Well Lidda, why didn't you say you could pick locks? Coulda saved some time."

Saeran moved away from the door to give Lidda some room to work on the locks.


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The Dungeon - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dungeon

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