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Character Special Abilities

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Character Special Abilities Empty Character Special Abilities

Post  Dungeon Master on 2008-06-09, 10:07 pm

    On the first round of combat, a rogue who attacks and damages a creature that hasn't had a turn yet deals an extra d6 damage. She gets this bonus with a ranged weapon if the target is within 6 squares but not against enemies who are farther away than that.
    Also, if she flanks an enemy and attacks with a melee weapon (such as a rapier), she gets +2 on her attack roll (like anyone does) and +d6 damage (special to rogues).

    Clerics and sorcerers can cast spells.
    You can cast a spell before or after you move. You can't cast a spell when a monster is adjacent to you. You don't have to roll a die to succeed at casting a spell. Just tell the Dungeon Master that you're casting it. You might have to roll a die to see how much damage the spell deals, how much damage it cures, or whatever. Also, sometimes a monster gets a saving throw to avoid a spell's effects.
    This section gives a more complete description of Ainra's and Saeran's spells.
    Bless: Allies (including you) gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls. Only allies you can see and who are within 10 squares of you when you cast the spell get the bonus. It lasts 10 rounds.
    Cure Light Wounds: Cures d8+1 damage. You have to touch the character you want to cure. It can't raise the character's hit points above his normal score.
    Cure Minor Wounds: Cures 1 point of damage. You have to touch the character you want to cure. It can't raise the character's hit points above his normal score.
    Daze: Humanoid creature loses its next turn. Target resists with a Will save of 12+. Target must be within 5 squares of you when you cast the spell.
    Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 12 squares of you. Lasts for 10 rounds.
    Light: Object shines like a torch for 10 minutes (100 rounds).
    Mage Armor: Gives character +4 armor bonus. Since Regdar and Saeran already have strong armor, this spell doesn't help them. Since Lidda already has some armor, it only increases her Armor Class by +2. Ainra gets the full +4 benefit because she's not wearing any armor.
    Magic Missile: Deals d4+1 damage. You must be able to see the target, and the target must be within 20 squares of you.
    Protection from Evil: +2 Armor Class and +2 saves against evil creatures. You must touch the character you cast this spell on. The spell lasts 10 rounds.
    Read Magic: Read scrolls and magic writing. Lasts 10 minutes (100 rounds).

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