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Saeran, Dwarf Cleric

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Saeran, Dwarf Cleric Empty Saeran, Dwarf Cleric

Post  Dungeon Master on 2008-06-09, 3:49 pm

Saeran follows Mordain, the god of the dwarves. His training has included the use of both healing magic and the warhammer. As a dwarf, Saeran feels at home underground. With his god backing him up, there is no dungeon he is afraid to enter.
Dwarves live underground and are famous for their fighting ability. They can see in the dark.
Saeran's job on the adventuring team is to protect his teammates with spells, but he can hold his own in a fight, too.

    When combat starts, the one with the highest initiative goes first.
  • SPEED: 4
    You can move 4 squares per turn.

  • WARHAMMER: Roll d20+1 to Attack | Roll d8+1 for Damage
    When you attack, roll the 20-sided die and add the bonus. If you roll the monster's Armor Class or higher, you hit. Roll an 8-sided die and add +1 for damage. Damage reduces the monster's hit points.
    Saeran gains a +1 bonus to attack rolls against any orc.

    Monsters need to roll your Armor Class or better on their attack rolls to hit you.

  • HIT POINTS: 11
    If you run out of hit points, you fall unconscious.

    Protective Ward: Once per adventure, the character you touch gets +1 on his next saving throw.
    Spells: You can cast each spell once per adventure. You don't have to roll to cast a spell.
    Cure Minor Wounds: Cures 1 point of damage.
    Detect Magic: Detects spells and magic items within 12 squares.
    Read Magic: Read scrolls and magic writing.
    Bless: Allies (including you) gain a +1 bonus on attack rolls.
    Cure Light Wounds: Cures d8+1 damage.
    Protection from Evil: +2 Armor Class and +2 saves against evil creatures.

  • "d" stands for "die" or "dice."
  • d8+1 means "roll one 8-sided die and add 1."
  • d20+1 means "roll one 20-sided die and add 1."

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Saeran, Dwarf Cleric Empty Re: Saeran

Post  Dungeon Master on 2008-06-09, 3:51 pm

RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Cleric
LEVEL: 1st
PLAYER: tanabright

  • STRENGTH: Score 12 | Bonus +1
    BONUS APPLIES TO: Warhammer attack and damage, kicking down doors.
  • DEXTERITY: Score 8 | Penalty -1
    PENALTY APPLIES TO: Armor Class, Reflex saving throws, Hide, and Move Silently skills.
  • CONSTITUTION: Score 16 | Bonus +3
    BONUS APPLIES TO: Hit points, Fortitude saving throws.
  • INTELLIGENCE: Score 10 | Bonus +0
    BONUS APPLIES TO: Search skill.
  • WISDOM: Score 15 | Bonus +2
    BONUS APPLIES TO: Listen and Spot skills, Will saving throws.
  • CHARISMA: Score 11 | Bonus +0
    BONUS APPLIES TO: Diplomacy skill.

    Gold Pieces 0 (gp)
    Experience Points 0 (XP)

    allows Saeran to use a warhammer even though clerics aren't usually trained with one.

    Scale mail, heavy shield

    Warhammer, crossbow and 10 bolts

    When you use a skill, roll the 20-sided die and add or subtract, as the skill says. If you roll high enough, you succeed.
    The Dungeon Master knows how high you need to roll.
  • DIPLOMACY: d20
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Convince and persuade others.
    (Only rogues have this skill.)
  • HIDE: d20-7
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Conceal yourself so that others can't see you.
  • LISTEN: d20+2
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Hear monsters on the other side of a dungeon door.
  • MOVE SILENTLY: d20-7
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Sneak around quietly.
  • OPEN LOCK: -
    (Only rogues have this skill.)
  • SEARCH: d20
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Locate secret doors and hidden treasure.
  • SPOT: d20+2
    WHAT TO USE THIS SKILL FOR: Notice monsters lurking in the shadows.

    When you make a saving throw, roll the 20-sided die and add or subtract as shown.
  • FORTITUDE: d20+5
    To resist poison, stunning, etc.
  • REFLEX: d20-1
    To avoid fiery traps, dragon breath, etc.
  • WILL: d20+4
    To resist mental attacks.

  • GEAR
    Backpack, holy symbol, potion of cure light wounds
    (cures d8+1 hit points, one use)

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